Heritage Restoration, Inc.

1790 Cooke House- 2009 Rhody Award and 2010 PPS Award

The house’s owners were the proud recipients of the 2009 Rhody Award, presented by the Rhode Island State Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission and Preserve Rhode Island, as well as the 2010 Providence Preservation Society’s Project of the Year Award, for outstanding preservation and restoration of the Joseph Cooke House.

This National Register private home has certainly evolved over it’s lifetime, with each modification balancing the original design with more contemporary features. The interior and exterior designs are rather modest, with a simple elegance to the fenestrations and interior moldings. The house was moved to its current location in 1870, with the foundation and chimneys replaced and a new 25′ x 35′ two story kitchen ell added. The floor plan of the original house was modified at that time, converting the original four room plan into one side becoming a single sitting room 20′ x 40′, with fireplaces on either side, and the other side becoming a dining room and library. Also, in the sitting room has two double french doors with gracious fan lights above. In 1870 the exterior was stuccoed over the original clapboard siding, where later 1920’s stucco repairs added reinforced wire mesh and a hard portland stucco mix.  The original siding remained underneath.

HRI was contracted to repair, restore, and modify the exterior(the primary elevations remain unchanged).  The exterior work saw extensive repairs and restoration, including the roof being replaced, the wood gutters repaired, new 3rd floor casement windows were fabricated and installed, the upper and lower roof railings were restored/reconstructed, the windows and exterior frames were stripped and restored, the front door and surround was restored, and new shutters were installed. The rear ell stucco was removed and the original siding was restored and repainted.

The interior work was extensive.  The back ell was completely gutted, including the compromised floor systems.  A new custom kitchen was installed with a master bedroom and bathroom above, a new third floor stairway, private entertainment room, master closet, wood floors were refinished, cork floor installed, tile, plaster, painting, and some minor floor plan changes. New systems included some radiant heat with a high velocity HVAC system, new electrical, and sound system.  The true intent was to improve the building, while maintaining the simple elegance the house possessed for over 190 years.