Heritage Restoration, Inc.

Bridgeton School- 2006 State RISHC Project of the Year Award

On April 8th, 2006, the Burrillville Historical and Preservation Society and Heritage Restoration, Inc. received the prestigious 2006 State Historic Preservation Award for Best Project at the Rhode Island State Historical and Preservation Commission’s Annual Meeting, at the Rhodes of the Pawtuxet, in Warwick, RI.

The Burrillville Historical and Preservation Society received their first State Preservation Grant in 2004 to restore the iconic bell tower. The Bridgeton School House Bell Tower restoration included everything from the main building roof to the finial. Some elements were beyond repair and required reproduction, while others needed just a bit of restoration. The scope was:

  • Repair and coat the original tin deck with an elastomeric coating
  • Remove and restore wood railing, reproduce about 12 of the 60 spindles
  • Repair/replace the railing cap
  • Re-asphalt the tower roof
  • Strip and paint tower
  • Replace the clapboard siding and trim, and install new lead coated copper flashing

In 2005, BHPS received its second round of a State Preservation Grant, as well as private grants to continue the restoration of the building. The scope included:

  • Remove blown-in insulation, since rising damp from the basement and causing the paint to peel
  • Restore the second floor windows
  • Repair and restore the siding and trim
  • Compete a thorough prep and paint job.  Colors were selected from the results of the paint analysis.  The committee chose the first period trim and second period body color.
  • Front door repairs