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Deck Preservatives

Read your column about using preservatives on outdoor wood. We just had a new pine slat floor made for our outdoor shower. Would Penofin be good to use to treat it? If so, where can I purchase it? Would also like to know what you recommend for an outdoor cement porch floor. It has been painted a number of times; looks great at first but eventually peels. Many thanks.


Always a project or two to do……

Glad you like the column. The preservative Penofin is the perfect product for the pine deck, but the key is maintenance. Since the pine deck is constantly getting wet and dry, you want to put a coat on this fall, perhaps in the spring, then the fall again. You may be able to skip a season after the first few coats. Be sure the water is beading when it is wet. Be sure to follow the directions with Penofin. You may be able to do a store locator, but they sell it at Arnold lumber in South County and Sweet Lumber in Providence.

The concrete porch floor can have a moisture problem from a lack of vapor barrier below that is wicking moisture from the ground, or a poor paint or prep with the first coat. If it peels in the same spot it may be moisture, but if it peels where it never did before it could be the paint. Talk to a Benjamin Moore dealer and they may able to determine the best prep and paint. Usually a latex porch and floor paint is best.

Good luck with the project or two!

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