Heritage Restoration, Inc.

First Congregational Church, Bristol, RI

Heritage Restoration, Inc. continues to assess, plan, and execute projects for the First Congregational Church in Bristol, RI.  The First Congregational Church Record of Treatment Phase 1 & Phase 2 has been published for free in iTunes and for $2.99 on Amazon.  The projects represented several years of investigation, planning, and fundraising towards the goals of executing the very ambitious projects. The projects were completed with a lot of hard work, dedication, and countless hours by members of the Congregation, craftspeople, design professionals, and the broader Bristol community.

The First Congregational Church’s community was engaged, supportive, patient, and understanding. The projects completed some of the most complicated tasks in the building industry. The projects were made possible by the Congregation choosing to stand with their building, be good building stewards, and commit to “Preserving our Past, Saving our Future”.

Phase I Goals:

The 2011 Phase 1 Project Goals and Objectives were based on a list of concerns and improvements identified by the Buildings and Grounds Committee.

Repair and/or replace roof and water management system.

  • Repair existing slate roof.
  • Repair functioning EPDM/rubber roofs. Introducing new and improved flashing details and water management systems, such as gutters and drainage.
  • Replace failing flat roofs. Use roofing materials that maximize longevity and are conscious of budgetary constraints.
  • Introduce new downspouts to manage volume of roof water runoff.
  • Introduce water reclamation or diversion systems, such as dry wells or reuse of roof runoff.

Replace heating system.

  • Replace existing oil heating system with natural gas, where possible.
  • Reuse existing hydronic, or forced hot water, radiators where possible.
  • Add new radiators to improve distribution of heat.
  • Develop multi-zoned heating system.
  • Develop most efficient heating system. Perhaps a multiple boiler system.

Foundation Repairs

  • Complete repointing where accessible and/or necessary.

Frame Repairs

  • Stabilize main church floor system, including, but not limited to, sill plates, joists and balcony supports.
  • Replace rotted framing elements.
  • Provide proper footings and bases for all independent supports.

Phase 2 Goals

Phase 2 DeWolf Room Project began mid-July 2013 and was completed by late December 2013, focusing on the church grounds and interior work. The scope improved the exterior/basement drainage and general beautification, including interior painting, flooring, electrical upgrades, acoustics, and AV. The goals were better function, beauty and appreciation of the church’s grounds and interior spaces.

  • New grass, plantings, and irrigation system
  • Replacement of old exterior lighting with new LEDs
  • DeWolf Entry Doors restoration to ADA compliance.
  • DeWolf window restoration.
  • New plaster ceiling and walls in the DeWolf Entry.
  • Wardwell Closet redesign
  • DeWolf Room new & restored lighting fixtures.
  • Interior DeWolf, Wardwell, DeWolf Entry, & School extrior painted.
  • Rugs and floors in Wardwell, Entry and De-Wolf.
  • Site drainage and interior moisture control