Heritage Restoration, Inc.

Introducing Rhode Island Found

Rhode Island Found is a division of Heritage Restoration, Inc

Heritage Restoration, Inc. is pleased to announce a new division called Rhode Island Found, which are objects from projects we are working on, or found scraps we discover in historic buildings. Reclaimed timbers, doors, hardware, and other historic objects are manipulated and fabricated through the creative minds of our craftspeople. Bowls and candle sticks are made from old timbers, cutting boards from new and reclaimed boards, but the list grows as objects are found and our creativity unleashed.

Rhode Island Found will make our public debut this weekend Saturday December 4, 2021 at the Steel Yard Art Market along side one of our own craftspeople and artist Amanda Gray.

Visit us:

Email us at rhodeislandfound@heritagerestoration.net if you would like to find out more!

Bowl from North Kingstown Town Hall timbers