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Reducing Clutter Frees the Mind

Organization is the key to success, right? Or is some level of disorganization supposed to keep our minds sharp? There is a tipping point for short-term brain capacity, where we either lose it or take away from things that move us forward. So maybe not thinking about where our keys and wallet are can make us more successful, and move the Rhode Island economy forward.

So what makes life more organized? It’s simple things. Some have perfection while other choose chaos. And sometimes they have to live and work together. Instead of expecting complete harmony, let’s start with some simple ways to keep the coming and going a lot less complicated.

A main entry is the gateway to your house. It can be a small cube, hall, mudroom, or a door into a bigger room. Despite the size, there can be some cool additions for the space.

A key holder can avoid arguments, stress, and being late. It can be a bowl, hook, pot, or contraption where keys live, always. Just don’t put within eyeshot of a window or door.

Mail slots manage mail, forcing a weeding process before it becomes a huge pile. If you can’t immediately sort the mail, then start with a spot for the day’s stack. You can build or buys as many slots as there are people or categories, making bill paying much easier. A secretary desk can hold mail and lots of junk too.

A Board, be it chalk, dry erase, magnetic, or cork. The coolest thing is to use chalkboard paint to about 3 feet wide and 5 feet tall wall. It’s fun and practical. A dry erase magnetic calendar is good for short-term postings and important do not forget stuff. Sure you can have it digital, but sometimes it’s nice to see the original invite posted on the wall.

Throw rug. I’m OK with tile, hardwood, linoleum or whatever for a main field. But one of the coolest things is a carpet product called Flor. Flor is a system of carpet squares that you can assemble to create custom rugs, runners, or wall to wall designs of any shape or size. It’s easy to cut, rigid, and floats so not difficult at all to install. It’s also durable, keeping the outside inside your entry space.

Shoe spot. You can make a cubby, shelf, or hooks. Changing into house shoes can keep the rest of the house much more manageable.

Coat hooks. There does not need to be a hall closet right there. A closet can be for the seasonal rotation, like shoes, gloves, hats, and other items.

Enjoy your house. Find an organization compromise. Make getting in and out much less stressful.

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