Heritage Restoration, Inc.

Storm Windows & Doors

Windows and doors are the biggest investments you can make in your building.  While doors and windows can be drafty and operate poorly, replacements may not be the best choice.

Over their lifetime, old, existing, historic windows and doors are the most cost efficient, longest lasting systems possible. And with the addition of properly fitted storm windows and doors, you can achieve energy efficiency and protection of your window and door assets. Storm windows and doors can be installed at a fraction of the cost of premium replacement systems, and last just as long.

Historic windows were designed to operate smoothly and keep out the harshest of weather, yet they were not designed to be airtight. Storm windows provide energy efficiency equal to replacement windows, and can be affordably customized in any material, location, size, style, or color. 

An operating, or almost operating, historic door can be made operable and energy efficient through storm doors, weather stripping, and some onsite repairs.