Heritage Restoration, Inc.

Best of Heritage Restoration

These photo galleries represent just some of the work HRI has done since January of 2001.  Our  holistic analysis, comprehensive intervention, and thoughtful craftsmanship will last for generations.

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1750 on Division Street, Newport, RI

Custom cabinets with soapstone counter top

1723 Phillip Walker House, East providence RI

New IKEA catalog kitchen in 1893 ell

1810 & 1890 Providence Complete Restoration

1890’s stucco over clapboards

Steeple Restoration

Prepping the steeple for transport

Flat Seam Copper Roof

Soldered copper seam

Various Window and Door Projects

Hardware from original, to polished, to refinished

1675 Exterior and Interior Major Repairs

Before the restoration

1765 Newport Kitchen and Master Bedroom Addition

Original 1765 repaired and prepped for addition