Heritage Restoration, Inc.

Week 1 (7/28/17)

A week or so before “Week 1” a majority of the window sash was pulled from the home and openings covered with plastic with the storm windows drawn closed. During Week 1, The remainder of the sash was pulled on the second floor. When pulling the windows, the Heritage crew used plastic to cover the floor and the first three feet of the walls in the work area to catch any chipping paint or debris. After the sash was pulled they were placed into large heavy duty plastic bags to they can be removed from the home without causing a mess. After this work was preformed the entire work area was vacuumed with a HEPA certified vacuum.

Later that week, pump jack scaffolding was setup on the Thayer Street side of the home and the south side of the home with the adjacent neighbor. Signs were put up to maneuver foot traffic around the work area as well precautionary signs reminding passersby and workers that lead is present at the job site. With the setup complete, work began on the facade (primary street elevation of the home) of the home to remove all of the clapboards and put tarpaper on the which was absent in the original construction. Selective clapboard removal also had begun on the southern elevation of the home. Interestingly enough, on the back of one of the clapboards removed revealed the produced of these cedar clapboards to be “T. H. Burgess.” another note we had trouble accessing electricity and water, but hat issue has been since resolved and is no longer a worry.

Next week we will continue our work on the exterior of the home by selectively removing clapboards and begin reinstalling new clapboards by the week after.