Heritage Restoration, Inc.

Week 2 (Posted 8/4)

The Heritage Restoration crew is at a good work pace reinstalling clapboards on the home. The entire facade of the home has been completed with all new clapboards. The other elevations are receiving a different treatment in which the crew has been selectively removing split or damaged clapboards and replacing them. So far the southern elevation of the home has had this work completed. The northern elevation (John Street) and the eastern elevation (rear of the home) is also nearing completion.

All of the window openings have also been prepped for paint and window reinstallation, however some windows do require some additional repairs. Meanwhile in the shop, the restoration of the window sash are about two-thirds completed.

A moving crew will be in to remove the rest of the furniture and personal belongings on Monday.

On another note, I did some brief research on a silver spoon I discovered in one of the window headers. On the handle it is engraved “M A Allen” and the makers mark is “D T Goodhue.” The maker is Daniel Treadwell Goodhue (July 13, 1794 – 1870) he was a silversmith in Providence at who produced silver goods between 1824-1861. His shop between 1824-1844 was at 44 Cheapside. I looked up the value of this spoon and it is worth a whole $3.00. The spoon is of course yours if you would like it!

Deteriorated Window Sill

New Clapboards on the Facade

New Clapboards on the Facade

Window Header Needs Replacement

New Window Sill Needed

Deteriorated Window Surround

Some Windows need Further Repair

Adding New Clapboards

Adding New Clapboards