Heritage Restoration, Inc.

Week Ending in 8/10

Epoxy repairs of the sill are underway this week! We are using a locally produced epoxy system from New Haven that has been specifically designed for wood framing repairs. When fully cured, the epoxy has the same compressive strength as Douglass Fir. It will bond effectively with the White Oak Dutchmans we are using to repair the foundation. After these Dutchmen repairs are completed they will covered up with oak sheathing and then the finished mudboard.

Next week we will be installing a working platform on the roof of the 1704 section of the Meeting House in order to strip the old shingles off and ultimately install new clapboards.

If you have any inquires about the project or volunteering please e-mail Alex at alex@heritagerestoration.net 

Epoxy is being applied to the sill to consolidate the wood material

Preparing for Dutchmen repairs