Heritage Restoration, Inc.

Week Ending in 8/16

This week the major epoxy repairs have been completed and is now ready to be covered up with the new mud board and clapboards. The last section of the sill that needs to be worked on is the southwest corner. This repair will have to be blocked then reenforced with fiberglass rods to rebuild the deteriorated mortise and tenon joint. Foundational mortar repairs were also completed at the same time as the major epoxy repairs.

Scaffolding was also setup on the west side of the home on the roof of the 1704 section of the Meeting House. This will allow us to remove the remaining shingles and then put up new clapboards.

Next week we will be planning out and configuring the new mud boards and corner boards. Once the is done, the tarpaper, corner boards, and mud boards can go onto building allowing us to put on the clapboards.



Epoxy repair on sill is complete!