Heritage Restoration, Inc.

Week Ending in 8/24

We are almost ready for clapboards! This week we have prepared the windows with splines and have already tarpapered the elevation above the old meetinghouse. The main elevation just needs to be tarpapered before we can add the mud and corner boards.

The mud and corner boards are being made to match the originals and are being shaped and measured to fit the meetinghouse. These building elements should be on the home sometime next week. After that we can begin putting on clapboards.

One step that we do have to complete is to do some final timber repairs. We are reenforcing two areas of the post and beam construction with fiber glass rods. We are doing this in two places that are exhibiting signs of failure so that they remain strong.

Here is a quick bullet point summary of work done to date:

  • Work site setup (scaffolding, tools, temporary weather proofing, etc.)
  • Strip clapboards and shingles
  • Foundation and masonry repairs
  • Timber frame repairs
  • Sheathing repairs
  • Spline corner boards and windows