Heritage Restoration, Inc.

Making an Old Building Energy Efficient

img_3959 img_3624Saturday January 28, 2017, 9AM-12PM

122 Manton Ave, Unit 622, Providence, RI

Old buildings are a challenge to heat and cool, but they don’t need to be. Learn how to proper building analysis is completed and the best methods for providing air seals and insulation. The workshop will show the techniques and materials used, and how each interacts with a building.  Light refreshments and snacks.

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Eventbrite - Making an Old Building Energy Efficient

$40.00 per person at time of event, check or cash.  For questions please call 401-490-0888, or fill out the contact form below.


  • Understanding building dynamics
  • Moisture and water Control
  • Building efficiency diagnostics
    • Infrared scanning
    • Blower door testing
    • Visual inspection
    • Mechanical inspections
  • Interpreting diagnostics
  • Best practices for retrofitting
    • Insulation
    • Air Sealing
  • Post retrofit diagnostics
  • Efficiency tracking


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